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Yes, ok we're small, we get it. However, with your help we will be bigger stronger and more powerful. Email us and we will tell you what we need so we can make you a member


So if your interested in joining us email OVerclcokerX at, or CaliBeR at . Remember, there will be tests (In both knowledge and skill) - we only want the best...or at least the best of the worst (people like Spook)...


Broadband Members.

OVerclockerX (CSS)

Spook (CSS)




Also, if you are interested in playing some games online with us, download hamachi (just type it into your favourite search engine), it's a free download and will let you create virtual LAN servers. If you wish to play us, connect to server independantdefenseforce, password idf. host or join any game you want! We will spectate some games to look for potential members. Make sure you constantly check for updates. Hope to see you gaming soon!