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What is IDF and what does it stand for?

The IDF (Independant Defense Force) is a gaming clan built and maintained by a group of hardcore PC gamers. We often hold LAN parties (No, I am not going to tell you what LAN stands for, if you don't know, you're in the wrong place.) and we enjoy Games, Pizza and more importantly... um...

Ok, head of clan are OVerclockerX and CaliBeR. These guys kick ass. What? You want to know what kind of games they're best at? Alright. OVerclockerX is a very good driver, CaliBeR is best at shooters. Currently, OVerclockerX loves killing n00bs and Vets alike in NFS: Most Wanted, while CaliBeR is addicted to CS: Source.

Anyway if you wanna talk to us download Team speak 2 then enter these details

Server Name: [IDF] PServer on =Harp00n  

Server UDPPort: 8767 



25/05/07: Another E-lan and the site hasn't been updated in awhile. Anyway OVerclockerX was defeated by 10,10 and 21 points in Q3's Corkscrew, OVerclockerX defeated Caliber and DeathAngel in NFS MW and a well rounded LAN CSS team did well to get one round away from a draw in a 5v4 match. The new games section has been added to the site so enjoy.

25/2/07 Ouch. The day after E-LAN and we're hurting. Seriously. A five versus five CSS tournament and we were spanked (Only by one team... MagiC.LeGS). I'm still in way too much pain to put up exact figures. Although this was quite due to the fact we couldn't get the money for any weapons. When we played with guns (In my opinion, the only way to play CSS) we actually beat them. Easily. As usual, CaliBeR topped the kill-count with Spook a close second. The number of headshots was enormous and as CaliBeR promised, he taught them to "Eat Magnum!" OVerclocker didn't play as well as he could have (this was, quote: "Because I drank too much V and it made me shaky"). It's clear, however, that no matter what the reason, IDF got pwned yesterday. It is thought there are going to be many consequences of this. It is also believed CaliBeR is going to need counselling, as he was the self-proclaimed CSS Captain who led his team to a thrashing.

08/1/07 Yes it is the NEW YEAR and I OVerclockerX am loving it. Ok once again have no news so check out the small changes I have made to the site. Enjoy

01/12/06 So it been a long time between news, and you know why? THERE IS NO NEWS so I thought I'd make some news by updating and adding to the site. Check out the server pages to pawn with the IDF!

28/10/06: Endeavour LAN kick off at 12:00 today and ran untill 9:00 with some mixed fellings about the LAN. OVerclockerX and CaliBeR both said that this was the best E-Lan he has been to so far. Spook enjoyed the latest game release Battlefield 2142 enjoying it so much he watched the intro scene twice before crashing again and again. OVerclockerX downloaded a good pile of games that may last him a week and CaliBeR wrote the ten commandments of the IDF. FlameViper, Spook and OVerclockerX took to the battlegrounds in COD2 after the evening pizza to fight against rival clan NWO. Over all the day was enjoyed by all attendents and we can't wait for the next one.

27/10/06: Yes we are moving on up in the world. We welcome today a new member to our clan Adam "FlameViper" Ridley from NWO. Check the Profile page for specs.

12/10/06: Joyful cheers go out thoughout the neighbourhood at all hours of the night, taunts exchanged as the rest of the street hears what a n00b Spook is. That's right, there was a LAN with many interesting finds. OVerclockerX has apparetly equaled CaliBeR's skill at Q3 as he soon found out when playing on anothers computer. Times have changed though, as he claimed sweet revenge beating OVerclockerX at NFS Most Wanted. CaliBeR shows who is the boss of CSS using OVerclockerX's Computer and went straight to the top of the Kill count. OVerclockerX signing out.

So if your interested in joining us email OVerclcokerX at, or CaliBeR at . Remember, there will be tests (In both knowledge and skill) - we only want the best...or at least the best of the worst (people like Spook)...


 If your intersested to see us online I (OVerclockerX) am the only one on because of broadband. This week I will be playing  Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory. Its a free download  if your intersted. Look for OVerclockerX


CaliBeR here. I'd just like to say;

1. Spook is a n00b.

2. Console Gamers, go die in a hole.

Also, if you are interested in playing some games online with us, download hamachi (just type it into your favourite search engine), it's a free download and will let you create virtual LAN servers. If you wish to play us, connect to server independantdefenseforce, password idf. host or join any game you want! We will spectate some games to look for potential members. Make sure you constantly check for updates. Hope to see you gaming soon!