New Games

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New games that we are excited about

Games are great. Thats why we started a clan and even though we still love the classics like Quake 3 there is a time when new games come that make us almost want to cry. Here are so of them

Need for speed "Pro Street"

This is apparently the new NFS game but not much is being said about it. The "leaked" traliler dosn't sow very much except a very exciting scene of a car slamming into a wall and obtaining damage "real damage". The new game will be based on a next gen designed engine (Time for an upgade -OVerclockerX). Here hoping they make up for terrible flop of NFS Carbon. Trailer (No Picture)

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Another game thats short on info. According to Caliber, Double Agent was an amazing game. This will be a Xbox 360 (die console gamers) and PC exclusive pointing towards next gen graphics requiring a next gen computer. Hopefully this years invitation only E3 will clear so things up